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NH Antique Auto Restoration Ford RoadsterWhat's the difference between auto body and auto restoration? In particular, high quality antique auto restoration in NH? A lot! Cutting Edge Industries performs both at their shop in Candia New Hampshire, but the devil is in the details.

There are many auto body shops in New Hampshire, and most often they perform collision work on newer vehicles and process insurance claims. This is a very competitive field that often times have fixed prices for the work that they perform. The work is fairly simple and straightforward, parts are readily available, and repair work can be processed quickly. Unfortunately, the skill level required for general auto body work in some collision shops can be mediocre. When you own an antique vehicle that is showing its age, you don't bring it to an auto body shop. You bring it to an Antique Auto Restoration Specialist.

There are two classifications for the work we perform on vintage cars. One classification is called a "driver car." A driver car is an antique vehicle or classic car that an owner wants to fix up and look good for driving around town, or perhaps attending some local antique shows. Often times our customers who want their car fixed up but don't have a large budget will opt for a driver car restoration. The same research goes into preparing to restore a driver car as one that's going to be entered in a show, but aftermarket parts may be used, simple repairs to an engine instead of rebuilding and painting the block and engine components are some ways our clients get a good looking car that is mechanically sound for a reasonable price.

The other classification of auto restoration is called a "points car." This is a car that is often times a collectors item that needs to be restored to perfection so as to win awards and recognition at high profile antique car shows. Extensive research is involved in identifying and locating original parts and replicating not only the body style, but also the engine components, so as to pass the rigorous judging standards of these shows. A points car can lose "points" for lacking authenticity down to the detail of a particular grommet or paint color. Points cars are a painstaking process, and one that we enjoy very much!

"I have been doing business with Cutting Edge Industries in Candia, New Hampshire for over 10 years. Bryan, Craig and Alan are the most gifted mechanical and bodywork technicians that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They have done two complete auto restorations for me in the past, including a 1968 Pontiac Firebird and a 1962 Chevrolet Impala. Both cars have been honored with numerous awards. Cutting Edge Industries has also done extensive work on over a dozen of my other antique autos of various years, makes, and models. Nothing seems to be beyond their scope, and I have always been more than satisfied with their work. I can highly recommend them for any type of body or mechanical work."

Dave Carbone
Deerfield, New Hampshire