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Fleet Maintenance of a Bucket TruckAll over New England, our Fleet Maintenance Services are known. There is perhaps no level of detail more critical than repair work performed on utility trucks that work in and around power lines. In this highly specialized field of Fleet Maintenance, the auto body work and painting of bucket trucks, utility bodies, diggers, pole setters and bombardiers are subject to strict structural and dielectric testing. Any failure in the non-conductivity coating applied to these vehicles can mean death for the workers operating this equipment.

At Cutting Edge Industries, our fleet maintenance services are well-known in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont, for their meticulous attention to detail and adherence to ANSI standards for dielectric testing and structural integrity. Companies such as I.C. Reed, Electricom, and Eustace Cable depend on us for routine maintenance and repairs to their utility equipment. When they bring in their vehicles for bodywork or structural repairs, they know it's done right the first time, saving them the down-time and expense of having to do it over because it does not pass conductivity testing.

Our Procedure: When we receive a Fleet vehicle in for repairs, we perform a visual inspection of all operating and static components of the vehicle. This includes boom, cables, hydraulics, rotation bearings, platform and outriggers, as well as truck chassis and frame, paint and body work. At this point, a written proposal will be given. There is no charge for the estimate, however, we cannot do estimates over the phone. A delivery of the truck to our shop is required, or we can arrange to pick it up for an additional fee.

After the repair work has been defined and an agreement signed, Cutting Edge Industries perform all operations within the contract. Turn-around times will vary, depending upon the amount of repair work needed. Once the project is completed and testing performed by us, the vehicle will be sent out with third-party testing and inspection.

Fleet Maintenance: Aerial lift bucket truck inspections are required annually by law. We do not perform state inspections on Utility Fleet vehicles that we work on. That would represent a conflict of interest for us. A licensed, third-party service is brought in for that purpose. Our Fleet Maintenance program is very useful to pre-empt problems before they start. Repair work that is put off year after year becomes a much bigger problem and more expensive to fix than if it is detected earlier. Our Utility Fleet Maintenance clients depend on us to keep downtime on their trucks to a minimum.

I just wanted to thank you for your cooperation and expertise in completing the sandblasting, refinishing and painting of several pieces of equipment in a timely and efficient manner. As always it has been a pleasure working with you. Your ability and knowledge have shown themselves to be invaluable. It's good to know we can count on the same high standards of quality and fine service your company has demonstrated over the years. We have been privileged to do business with you. We look forward to future projects with you and would highly recommend your company to anyone requiring painting and/or bodywork.

Brad Reed
I.C. Reed & Sons, Inc